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Is video the way forward on social media?

The short answer is yes! but here is why I think why.


How can video use and consumption help your brand? In other words, why does it matter? In general, video content causes users to take action.

Consumers tend to:

- Take action after viewing an ad, such as navigating to a website or clicking a link.

- Retain 95 percent of a message when viewed in a video, compared to 10 percent when read in text.

- Spend 88 percent more time on a website with video.

- Share social videos more often than text and images combined.

- Make a purchase after watching branded social videos.


Out of all age groups, millennials watch the most online videos, and men spend 40 percent more time watching videos online than women. If that 25 to 34 age group is one of your key target audiences, using video on YouTube and other social media sites is a good way to reach them. Share success stories with followers and viewers. Give your viewers a sense of the people behind your brand; it puts a face to your brand and makes your brand more authentic and personable.

To add more excitement to videos, you can even take advantage of livestreaming on social media. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram TV are great tools for livestreaming an event or interview. You can also use livestreaming to broadcast an exciting announcement, demo a product, or host an interactive Q&A session. There are several ways to be creative with video storytelling.

Although it helps if you create videos with great HD quality, compelling and engaging content is more important than technical perfection. Videos that capture your audience’s interest will make a bigger impact, hopefully enticing viewers to take action.

To create meaningful videos for your brand; you should:

Tell a story. Tell an authentic story, and your viewers will connect with and understand your brand. What was the reason you started your brand? Was there a reason that people should buy into?

Have a purpose and strategy. Avoid creating videos just for the sake of having videos on social media. Develop a strategy and expect to need to tweak it through trial and error.

Start videos with a bang, but keep them short. After the first 10 seconds of a video, people are highly likely to click away or scroll down. After 30 seconds, the stats drop even more. After one minute, nearly half of viewers have stopped watching. The total length of videos depends on what platform your audience is using.

Facebook’s most popular videos are under 2 minutes, but YouTube videos can range from 4 to 10 minutes without significant differences in engagement. Again, trial and error will help you figure out what your viewers prefer in your videos.

No go forth and share your video content to your viewers.

If you want a more tailored conversation around video for your brand, drop me a line info@bilalmuhammad.co.uk or 07392548581