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How important is creativity to the success of your social media initiatives?

How important is creativity to the success of your social media initiatives? As important as watertight doors are to a submarine.

Anyone can “do” Twitter or create a Facebook page for your company, product or service. But it takes an inspired, creative mindset to dream up unique campaigns that can cut through the dense forest of other messages that barrage everyone today. Here are a few examples of the ways in which a creative mindset can help you and your social media efforts to stand out and get results:

You need to be creative to be engaging and get the attention of your target audiences.

The while dynamic of creativity has become more democratic. Today, you need to be able to craft viral stories messages that others will willingly pass along for you. In the process, they may add their own interpretations to it via mashups or remixes.

It’s increasingly common to invite your community to create with you – in other words, crowdsourcing.

Craft meaningful, compelling stories – story telling is an important part of crafting an influential presence on social media.

In other words, creativity today is no longer just about the stories we tell, but those we get others to tell for us.

Creativity in the age of social media is all about sparking and participating in conversations.

Participating in social media requires a near constant supply of creative ideas for products, content, channels and distribution. It’s based on having a keen insight and understanding about what people really need.

George Por said, “Today, we are witnessing an upshift in social creativity, which is even more momentous. Never before had 2 billion people access to the means of creating value by expressing themselves through an ever widening array of tools for tweets, blogs, wikis, and videos. The new tools are enabling and invigorating the emergence of new work systems inside and outside traditional organizations.”

What’s your take on this issue?

How do social media and creativity intersect? How are the dynamics and tools of social media impacting creativity? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below. Thank you!